Provisions in state and federal employment and labor laws protect employees from employer retaliation in the following situations:

  • When employees exercise their rights under state and federal law
  • When employees report employer violations to appropriate authorities
  • When employees are plaintiffs or witnesses in legal actions against a company

If you think you have been the victim of illegal retaliation, you should contact attorneys knowledgeable in the local and federal laws to determine if you can take action and tell you the next steps.

What Lear Werts LLP can do for you if you have been retaliated at work

The attorneys at Lear Werts understand the details of both state and federal laws regarding employer retaliation. We can identify of you have a case, and help you understand how to proceed. We will take your case to the appropriate government agency and work toward obtaining any appropriate compensation, including back pay if you lost your job as a result of the action.

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If you have been disciplined or lost your job in retaliation for your legal activities, contact the Missouri employee rights lawyers at 573-875-1991 (or toll free 877-875-1991), or contact us online to arrange for a complementary consultation about your situation.

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