Sexual harassment is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and comparable state laws, and it involves a wide variety of actions, such as:

  • Demands for sexual favors in exchange for promotion, pay raises, or other employment benefits
  • Demands for sexual favors to avoid adverse employment actions, like a cut in pay or being fired
  • A hostile work environment, encouraged or tolerated by the employer, that is oppressive because of sexual innuendo or intimidation

Women are not the only victims of sexual harassment. The laws pertain to anyone – men or women – who contribute to physical or verbal abuse based on sex.
The laws are complicated
Because the laws that define sexual harassment are complex and open to interpretation, you need an attorney who specializes in employment law and can review your individual situation. The attorneys at Lear Werts handle harassment cases including sexual harassment, religious harassment, and all other types of harassment.

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No one should be constantly humiliated at work. If you believe you work in a hostile work environment, or if you have been treated unfairly as a result of sexual harassment, contact the Missouri employee rights lawyers at 573-875-1991 (or toll free 877-875-1991), or contact us online to arrange for a complementary consultation about your situation.

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