Lear Werts has helped clients receive disability benefits when their workplace injury kept them off the job.

Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys have successfully represented hard-to-prove disabilities and cases that involve highly technical, complicated medical issues.

As Missouri’s workers’ compensation law has evolved, the ability to apply the medical facts of a case to the law has become critical to achieving the maximum recovery following a workplace accident.

Benefits Recoverable Under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act

The firm’s workers’ comp lawyers, as well as staff, work to secure all benefits owed to their clients in every type of workers’ compensation (sometimes called workman’s compensation) cases, including:

The employer must authorize treatment for work-related injuries, and Lear Werts can assist if the employer refuses.

The employer must authorize treatment for work-related injuries, and Lear Werts can assist if the employer refuses.

When the employee has lost the use of a limb, suffered a permanent loss in range of motion, or can no longer perform certain physical tasks since the injury. Once maximum medical improvement (MMI) has been reached and the injury appears permanent, the worker is eligible for PPD benefits.

When the injury is so severe that the worker will not ever be able to return to work, the worker is owed weekly benefits until his death.

If the work injury is fatal, or work-related factors cause the death of the employee, surviving spouses or dependents receive workers’ compensation death benefits.

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Many employers are reluctant to approve workers’ compensation benefits.

They may accuse the worker of faking the disability, or harass the worker for filing a claim. As a workers comp lawyer in Missouri, Lear Werts will protect your rights and aggressively challenge any wrongful denial of your claim. They will actively investigate to get fair compensation for your workplace injury, disability, disfigurement or death of a loved one.

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