Brad Lear talks to 3rd graders about the life of a lawyer

Brad Lear talks to 3rd graders about the life of a lawyer

Brad Lear visited Grant Elementary School to spend some time with a third grade class talking about what it is like being a lawyer. Brad’s talk was part of the inaugural Career Day at Grant Elementary, where community members were invited to give the students a sense of what it is like to actually work in a particular job. Brad talked to the young people about how they resolve conflicts and explained that, when adults have disagreements that they can’t resolve, they can hire an attorney to help them. Brad talked about various dispute resolution options, including mediation. Brad gave an overview of the process of a legal case from the initial client meeting up through the trial. And he talked with the class about the process of becoming a lawyer, starting with finishing elementary school and ending with passing the bar exam.

Brad concluded his talk by giving each student a Lear Werts notepad. He was pleasantly surprised that the students were excited to receive such a simple token. A few days after his talk, Brad received several wonderful letters from the students, including one from a possible future lawyer who had already put her notepad to use:

Dear Mr. Lear,

Thank you for the notepad. I solved my first case with Dylan and Ben. Ben said “I think minecraft pandas are better than cats and creepers. But Dylan said “no, minecraft cats and creepers are better.” Then I came up with two ways to solve it. One was you could both agree that dogs are better than pandas, cats, and creepers. And the second one was you could both agree that pandas, cats, and creepers are all great. And they chose number two.

When I grow up I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.



Brad truly enjoyed his time talking with the students and was reminded of what a great future we all have to look forward to when these young people grow up and accomplish tremendous things.

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