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In essence a class action is a group of people who have the same complaint against an organization and are seeking damages.

Many people have received court notices in the mail informing them that they are a member of a class action lawsuit. The examples of class action situations are unlimited:

  • A group of hourly employees working at one company regularly work more than 40 hours per week and are not compensated for their time.
  • An inferior product was sold to many people, but the seller refused to repair the product or issue refunds for returns.
  • A company uses deceptive or unfair means to market, or even coerce, a transaction upon a consumer.
  • A group of victims of a severe natural disaster get no response when they attempt to get claims paid from the same insurance company.
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In many cases, the economic realities of protracted litigation make it difficult or impossible to pursue an individual claim against a large corporate defendant. Class and collective actions allow people who are victim of the same wrongful policy to join forces and benefit from strength in numbers.

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