Lear Werts helps people in cases which are commonly known in the legal world as “mass torts.” 

Mass torts are lawsuits that involve a large number of individuals who each have been harmed by the same bad actor. Most commonly, they have been victimized by bad products, dangerous drugs, or faulty medical devices or implants.

How do mass tort cases work?

Mass Tort cases often get grouped together in one court with other similar cases for efficiency and coordination of the cases. A consolidated case of that type is called a Multi-District Litigation or “MDL.” MDLs are often pending in federal court–though certain states have developed procedures to coordinate actions filed in their states. The judge with responsibility for the MDL will assign various roles to the mass torts lawyers representing the injured parties in the case, who are called the “plaintiffs.”

Certain attorneys will be responsible for organizing the discovery process, that is, the gathering of evidence in the case related to development and marketing of the product at issue, among other things. Other attorneys will be responsible for securing testimony from expert witnesses with knowledge on the scientific aspects of the case. And still other attorneys will be tasked with interviewing the injured parties, gathering their relevant medical records, and assisting them in completing detailed questionnaires about their experiences and injuries. The judge will also issue various orders with detailed rules on how the Mass Tort case will proceed. Failure to follow those rules can lead to serious negative consequences, including that a person’s case could be barred from court. It is critical that a person injured by a defective drug or product hire attorneys that are knowledgeable in these rules and capable of navigating the detailed procedures employed by federal courts.

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