All too often, the liability for a car accident does not fall with one of the drivers—the road is to blame. Many road conditions can cause cars to veer out of their lanes, run off the road, or roll over. There are many types of dangerous roads:

  • Roads with dangerous curves, that limit visibility
  • Roadside obstructions to visibility
  • Lack of or missing guard rails
  • Short entrance and exit ramps
  • Road damage, such as potholes, potentially hidden under water
  • Badly-constructed roads
  • Poorly placed traffic signals and signs
  • Roads that have not been adapted to meet changing traffic conditions

If you have been involved in an accident, and you think the liability for the accident may fall fully or partially with the road condition, specialized experience is needed to prove that the government is at fault. It is more important than ever to contact a personal injury lawyer with experience in this type of situation.

What Lear Werts LLP Can Do for You

Each personal injury lawyer at Lear Werts has experience in dangerous roadway suits, and we know how to gather the specialized evidence needed to present a strong case.

We can retain experts who can analyze the conditions of the road at the accident scene and any damaged vehicles.

We can research historical data to determine if the scene is the location of more accidents than would be normal.

When another vehicle is involved, we can help identify liability on the part of that driver. We can present a case that limits or even eliminates liability that might have been yours on a safer road. We do all the research needed to compensate you for losses and protect your rights.

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