Columbia law firm Lear Werts LLP represents injured workers throughout Missouri who have suffered foot or leg injuries, including fractures, knee tendonitis and bursitis, and loss of limb.

Understanding Foot & Leg Injuries

Workplace injuries to the feet and legs are often the result of on-the-job accidents. Employees in the inherently dangerous construction and warehouse industries are especially at risk due to the hazardous nature of their daily tasks and work environments. Some of the most common foot and leg injuries include:

  • Fractures – A fracture of the bones in the leg, foot, or knee may be caused by falling objects or an accidental fall from a height. Some fractures can be treated by using a lightweight cast and crutches, while more serious fractures may require surgery and extensive physical therapy.
  • Knee Tendonitis – Knee Tendonitis is a swelling of the tendons surrounding the knee. Individuals who spend a lot of time walking, standing, or lifting objects while at work are at a risk of developing this painful condition. Older individuals are particularly at risk.
  • Knee Bursitis – Knee Bursitis is a swelling of a fluid sac that provides cushioning for your knee joint. Like tendinitis, bursitis can cause severe pain, inflammation, and loss of mobility.
  • Loss of Limb – The most serious workplace accidents may require amputation. These life-altering accidents can have devastating effects on an individual’s quality of life and ability to work. Amputation cases are especially complicated because they involve issues of retraining, prosthetic replacement, wound care, and home modification.

Leg and foot injuries can be among the most devastating for an individual to sustain as well as the most difficult to overcome. Using crutches or a wheelchair can severely limit a person’s mobility, and make it difficult to complete, let alone enjoy, everyday activities at work, at home, and in the community. Leg and foot injuries can also make it very difficult, if not impossible, to return to the one’s pre-injury employment. Individuals who perform manual labor rely on the use of their legs and feet to perform nearly every aspect of their jobs. Furthermore, many workplaces are also not properly equipped for individuals with limited mobility.

Seek Experienced, Assertive Representation

If you have suffered an on-the-job foot or leg injury, workers’ compensation benefits are available so that you may continue to support yourself and your family during your treatment and recovery. The experienced workers comp lawyers in Missouri at Lear Werts LLP will fight for your rights as an employee so that you receive compensation for your injury. Please contact our offices for a complimentary consultation.

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